Buying & Selling Property on the Costa del Sol: Part 4

Part 4: Viewings

Following on from last week’s article on Preparation, part 4 of our guide on Buying & Selling Property on the Costa del Sol focuses on Viewings. Selling a property is a numbers game: the greater the visibility, and the more viewings, the better the chance a prospective buyer will fall in love with your property and make an offer.

Ensuring a Successful Viewing

Introducing serious buyers to view your property and not time wasters is the mark of a great estate agent. Before any viewing takes place, any prospective buyers will be stringently pre-qualified to ensure they are serious about a possible purchase and that your property not only meets their preferences but is also within their price range. Our team carry out research before every viewing to make sure that we are as well prepared as possible to answer any questions and share as much information on the property as possible with both the buyer and the seller.

Facilitating Last Minute Viewings

If you are not frequently at your property and choose not to leave a set of keys with us, you could be missing out on potential vital viewings to show your property to any number of client’s who will all have different availabilities. If we know we have easy access to your property it will allow many more potential buyers to view the property and facilitate last-minute viewings. Properties that require far in advance warning for appointments will make it difficult for any prospective buyers to view the property. Remember, most buyers here will be on their holiday and their time is limited.

If you are frequently at the property, it is also worth noting that we recommend against you being present at viewings with any prospective buyers. This is because while on a viewing, buyers like to imagine themselves living in the property, and how their life could be if they decide to make an offer. With the current owner present, this can make it harder to visualise!


One of the most frustrating comments sighted by sellers is that they seldom receive feedback from agents regarding what buyers think of their property. At Team España we make it a priority to offer and report back honest feedback, and in doing so we can better construct a more accurate strategy to sell each property.

So, you can see how important it is to get viewings right, as they are the first time a potential buyer can really see and get a true feel for your home. Our team of dedicated Sales negotiators endeavour to show your property at its absolute best, and they reflect this in their own knowledge of your property. Stay tuned for the next part of our guide which covers everything you need to know about Offers.

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