This is why you should invest in Marbella now

Turning the crisis into an opportunity

Team España have learnt many things from previous economic crises, but one of the most important lessons learnt has been that when the most critical times have passed, the property market recovery has often been intense and better than anticipated.

With its natural beauty, cultural charm, and all year round warm climate, Marbella in the Costa del Sol, just 35 minutes from Málaga airport, and 60 minutes from Gibraltar airport, remains as popular as ever with tourists from across the globe. It is also a destination that many are fortunate enough to call home, and due to the plentiful supply of resale properties, new build developments, and luxury high-end villas, it is clear to see why investors are often attracted to this part of Spain.

Unlike other investments, a property exists as a tangible asset in the real world. It allows you to enjoy it a private, full-time residence, a second home where you can spend your holidays, or something that you rent out. The longer you retain a property in Marbella, the more you are likely to see it appreciate in value, and to ultimately sell it for a profit in the future. If you do decide to allow others to enjoy your property by renting it out, you can also earn some lucrative income during your ownership.

Due to the current pandemic and its subsequent impact on economic markets globally, we are seeing price reductions of up to 35% being applied to the asking prices of properties in the Marbella area. Now is a good time to invest in purchasing the apartment or villa of your dreams, that until recently, may have been beyond your budget.

If you are interested in purchasing your first property in Marbella, or are wanting to add to your existing real estate portfolio, contact Team España today.